Interview: Ibrahim Altimimi

An Interview with Ibrahim Altimimi

Tell me about your yoga background.

I started practising yoga about three plus years ago. I still remember when I had just got back to Toronto after being away for about 6 months of travel. I was wandering the streets and yoga found me, or I found yoga.

What are you working on right now in your practice and/or in your life?

My practise and my life seem to be intertwined at this moment in life. The more I grow and evolve on a physical, mental, and spiritual level the better I am able to handle and steer through life. I have been recently promoted to a new more challenging project manager position. So finding the right balance between my practise, my yoga teaching career and life is something I have been working on very closely in the past few months.

Who do you consider to be your most important teacher(s)?

Tough one, as I had many great teachers in my life and in my yoga life. To name a few and hoping I don’t miss anyone:

My first teacher/guru was my mother and probably the most important. All the books I have had the privilege to read. Various university teachers. Life and mother earth have also been great teachers on my journey. 

In the yoga/spiritual world:
My teacher/guru Sadhguru. The reason I entered yoga. Rumi, Osho, Ancient culture and civilization. Iam Yoga had a big influence on me and has definitely been an important teacher. My mentor Elaine Clark. And great teachers like Teri-Ann Carty.

What is the most important thing that you want students to learn in your classes?

I want to inspire and aid students in reaching a more holistic (mind-body-spirit) and evolved version of themselves and lead an inner exploration of the human system through yoga, meditation, nutrition, and music.

What is your spirit animal?

A lion or maybe a jackal (Anubis from ancient Egypt. Lol)

What song would you sing on American Idol?

Bob Marley – Stir it Up