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Lyndsey Bishop

Lyndsey has been inspired with a love for all things yoga since she first began practicing asana in the late 1990s. What started out as enjoyment for the physical benefits of yoga, quickly transformed into a deeper appreciation of the truly transformational aspects of the practice. In 2010 Lyndsey completed her first teacher training program, and this became the foundation for her commitment to share this wondrous practice with other like-minded individuals, looking to discover the magic of yoga. Lyndsey is a devoted student as well as teacher and has a particular interest in the meditative and philosophical aspects of the practice. Lyndsey’s asana classes are typically challenging, but always kind. She aims to bring together elements of strength, breath and movement to facilitate the flow of positive energy and creation of space, within and without. ~Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum – Pure, Free, Forever.

Teri Ann Carty

Teri Ann is a Vinyasa based teacher and received her Hatha teaching certification at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico.  She then travelled to India, Bali, Thailand and the UK to deepen her knowledge as practitioner and a teacher. Teri Ann encourages her students to focus on their journey wherever it begins and to stay present in their practice. Her spirituality permeates all her classes giving her students the opportunity to open up and connect to their own inner flow.  She has also studied under the kundalini and sivanada based lineages.

Jamie Cavens

Jamie began practicing yoga at Iam Yoga in 2015 and shortly thereafter completed her 250HR Iam Yoga Teacher Training. The changes she noticed within herself in such a short amount of time have been remarkable. She’s a firm believer that anyone, at any age, can benefit from practicing yoga regularly.

With her extensive background in dance and teaching dance, sequencing came naturally to her. Although sequencing is what she thrives in, Jamie is also very interested in anatomy, meditation, yoga philosophy and neuroscience.

Elizabeth Vecchio

Creative Sequencing

Elizabeth Vecchio has had the passion of movement for over 25 years. Her roots formed through dance as she studied both traditional ballet, contemporary and modern dance forms throughout her entire life in education.

Elizabeth became a Yoga Instructor in 2010 after she completing her BFA. Hons in Movement. She was introduced to yoga by a close friend and hasn’t turned back since. She leads Classic, Hatha and Flow classes that are deeply rooted in creating consciousness to movement and breath.

Elizabeth’s classes are lead with kindness, a light heart, and most successfully passion. Her trademark is her ability to seamlessly describe and transition postures with breath using her ballet, contemporary and modern dance background.

All of Elizabeth’s classes are lead with a strong anatomical focus. She is articulate in ensuring her students remain safe, while giving space for them to explore the deeper side of movement; what can they sense while they are there, and how does that make them feel? Asking students to turn inward helps them understand why they arrived in the first place.

Depending on the class, Elizabeth is able to guide her students through powerful flows, balletic musicality, strength, relaxation and peace. Each of her classes are dynamic and different in their own respect and so she is able to offer something for everyone.

Aside from teaching Dance and Yoga, Elizabeth is also a lead Mental Health Advocate for the non profit BluMatter Project, as well as a certified Thai Massage Practitioner.

Jonny Belinko


Jonny Belinko is a yoga teacher based in Toronto, Canada teaching Ashtanga Yoga. He has made three trips to Mysore, India to study Ashtanga Yoga with Sharath at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute. He is a Certificated Moksha Yoga Teacher (2005) and has a Certificate of completion in Ashtanga Yoga teacher’s training program from David Swenson (2006).

His academic background includes an undergraduate University degree in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences (2004).

Hassan Harake

Hassan was convinced to join a friend for his first yoga class, over 8 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. Having suffered with chronic back and sleep issues for as long as he could remember, he quickly saw the benefits [and relief] from the practice. After years of an almost daily commitment to yoga, in 2013, he decided to take his practice to the next level and completed a 200hr CYA certified teacher training. Since then he has maintained a committed teaching and practice schedule.

Hassan has a direct approach to the physical practice; focusing on balance and control within movement to challenge the body while maintaining steadiness of breath and intention. His goal is to create an environment where each student can develop at their own pace and discover new abilities by adding elements of strengthening and playfulness.

Lisa McMurtrie

Lisa is a certified Yoga and Fitness Instructor. She discovered yoga in 2009, and fell in love with the connection of breath, movement, and the mind. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at OCAD University, completed her Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto, and completed her Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia. Here, she explored her passion; the connection of art and the human body. Yoga is an art and science of life and it is about exploring the manifestations that live beneath the surface. Lisa creates sequences that creatively and deeply move the body while focusing on breath , proper alignment, and combining movements to lengthen and lean out muscle groups. Her classes emphasize the engagement of the core, and encourage strength building, balance, and flexibility of both the mind, and the physical body. Her passion lies in the art of Vinyasa yoga, and also teaches Core, Power, and Hatha classes.

Vishana Lodhia

Born and raised in Toronto, Vishana started her yoga practice at a very young age with the swami chinmayananda group in Toronto, and later moved on to a Shivananda practice. During university she wanted to further her physical practice so volunteered at a yoga studio for an energetic karma trade that gave her access to teachers and workshops. Inspired by teachers such as Christi Ann Slomka and Michael Stone, Vishana decided to go to Goa and study 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training, and an intensive Meditation Workshop. She has also completed trainings in Toronto in Yin, Restorative, Prana Yama as well as intensive trainings with Michael Stone, Ashtanga Mysore, and workshops with certified Anusara teachers. Vishana has taught in Toronto, and all over Berlin where she lived for a few years. She is now back in Toronto and is excited to be back with her home community!
Vishana plays volleyball, enjoys bike riding, loves fashion and is obsessed with Graphic Design.

Robin Waley

Yoga and meditation practice brought a new level of awareness, balance, and positivity into Robin’s life. As an instructor, he shares what he has learned to hopefully inspire the same result in others, bringing years of mindfulness, leadership and fitness instruction experience with him to the studio.

Within Robin’s first year of practice, feeling a deep connection with the positive benefits yoga and meditation offered him, he decided to fully immerse himself in 2 years of self-study and teacher training; studying in-depth yoga philosophy, meditation, asana, restorative and healing practices. Robin teaches from the philosophical roots of the of the yoga tradition, while maintaining a modern and accessible approach.

Elsbeth Schokking

Elsbeth has been in love with yoga since 2007 when she discovered it while studying at Queen’s University, and eventually found her way into the IAM YOGA community in 2009. As a former gymnast and avid athlete, yoga has provided her with the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness. The IAM YOGA Teacher Training has given Elsbeth the opportunity to share that balance with everyone around her. Elsbeth truly feels that yoga is for every body of every age. You will feel a sense of adventure through challenging options in Elsbeth’s classes, but also the opportunity to feel grounded and supported in your practice.

Lucy Bian

Born and raised in Suzhou, China, Lucy moved to Canada 11 years ago on her own for her undergraduate study at Queen’s University. She was brought up in a rigid school system which didn’t allow much room for creativity. Her adventurous and curious mind has lead her to yoga for the first time 8 years ago in a hot room in downtown Kingston. Her passion for yoga reignited when her corporate sales job was getting increasingly challenging – having a regular yoga practice not only helped her managing stress but also enabled her embarking on the beautiful journey of self-discovery. Lucy started the 250-hour yoga teacher training program at Iam Yoga in 2016.

Lucy loves teaching flow classes and is a big believer in bringing intention in our movements and reaching a moving meditation. She promotes kindness and acceptance to ourselves throughout her classes.

Linda Malone

Owner of Iam Yoga

Founder of Iam Yoga, Director of Blu Matter Project, and self-confessed type-A yoga gurl, Linda Malone loves teaching and talking about the power of movement and the body all day long!  Having completed an 800-hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Training and courses in yoga anatomy with Susi Hately-Aldous and mindfulness meditation with Frank Jude Boccio you cannot help but leave Linda’s hybrid classes, workshops, training and retreats physically motivated and mentally inspired!

This B.A.Sc and Lululemon Ambassador translates her experiences in a unique teaching style that combines anatomical focus, philosophical insight and challenging sequencing.  Linda feels so lucky to be able to share her life lessons and love of teaching with Iam Yoga while connecting with incredible people every step of the way.

Lisa Helm-Kitteringham

Anatomy, Sequencing

Lisa started practicing yoga at age 15. She is passionate about the subtleties of proper alignment and how they contribute to a feeling of flow: complete absorption in the moment through movement. In 2009 she did her first teacher training at Tula Yoga in Toronto and then a second training in 2010 at a Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India. The hours of breathwork and meditation she practiced in India are the basis of the synchronized yoga sequences she creates in every class. Her dance background allows her to choreograph smooth transitions that teach core compression and body awareness and to design progressions that produce a sense of single-minded immersion in the body.

Lisa’s extensive training also includes Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga, Dance Conditioning, Fascial Anatomy, Aerial Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Chakra Flow. Influences on her style have come from the flowing sequences of Shiva Rea and the mind-body connection awareness of Seane Corne.

Lisa has integrated her love of dance and yoga to create flowing meditation sequences that allow each student to increase their body awareness and ground their practice in a steady rhythm of breath.

Juliana Belinko

Asana Alignment, Sequencing, Psychology of Teaching, Meditation, Pranayama

Juliana began her study of yoga with the Iyengar Method and completed her year-long Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Karuna Center for Yoga and Healing Arts in Northampton, Massachusetts. She has deepened her practice with the help of Rodney Yee, John Friend, Richard Freeman, Cyndi Lee, Dharma Mittra, Eddie Stern, David Robson, Chip Hartranft, Edwin Bryant, and Vipassana meditation.

In recent years she has turned her focus to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, studying with R.Sharath Jois annually, including two trips to Southern India. Her classes aim to bring peace, health, and joy to all through physical movement and awakening consciousness.

Her teaching includes Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Iyengar techniques and is influenced by her interest in Eastern philosophy and contemporary psychology. She believes that by cultivating one’s own health and awareness throughout daily life one becomes more able to engage with the world in a constructive and loving manner.

Angela Morley

Arm Balances and Advanced Postures

Ang discovered yoga in 2009 when she finally let her roommate drag her to her first class.  She connected with the physical practice immediately and was overcome with acute nostalgia for her days as a gymnast.  The connection of that movement with her breath and her mind was what really pulled her in. It became therapeutic; she felt lighter, more balanced, more connected. Since completing her teacher training, Ang has dedicated her life to the learning and teaching of yoga.  Her good-humoured personality combined with her knowledge of human anatomy provides students with challenging classes focused on proper alignment where they can have a good time in the process.  Her love of music always brings an eclectic playlist.  Above all Ang hopes to bring you lightness, more balance, and connection.

Elaine Clark

Creative Sequencing

Elaine is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist and and Wellness Activist. Elaine applies a holistic approach to her teachings where she advocates healing that acknowledges the unity of the mind and body, as well as the connection with the spirit to create health. She leads a deep yoga practice for her students to increase body awareness and conscious link to breath. Elaine aspires to provide a strong class for her students to reduce stress and limit negative emotional thought patterns. Yoga classes with Elaine are strong, fluid and creatively sequenced. Students can expect to have fun, be challenged and find peace.

Caitlin Keeley

Caitlin works in advertising and often describes yoga as “the antidote.” She has practiced yoga on and off since she was a teenager, but really arrived at a daily practice when IAM opened its first location in 2009. In early 2014 she completed the IAM 200 Hour Teacher Training and has been thoroughly enjoying teaching since then. Areas of interest: meditation, non-traditional playlists, IAM-style flow and PWYC.

Sheldon Shannon

Advanced Postures

Sheldon Shannon is one of Toronto’s most sought after instructors, known for his challenging classes, creativity and commitment to both the practice and teaching of yoga.

A natural born athlete, Sheldon came to the practice with a rebellious and playful energy. With a passion for cycling and a childhood of competitive gymnastics, Sheldon was immediately drawn to the powerful Ashtanga yoga method and began a committed practice in 2007.  Ashtanga’s rhythmic breathing, challenging vinyasa and meditative quality had a powerful effect on Sheldon and the practice allowed/encouraged him to focus and connect to a deeper place within himself. He maintains his daily practice in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, R Sharath Jois and R Saraswati Jois.

Sheldon teaches vigorous and dynamic Vinyasa classes that focus on building strength, increasing flexibility and he encourages his students to push the boundaries of their own limitations. Known for running a tight ship and holding students to the same standard he sets for himself, his classes are powerful, fun and challenging.

Cam Kjeldgaard

Cam discovered yoga in 2012 after taking an early retirement from his corporate career. In 2013, in an effort to deepen his own practice, Cam completed his teacher training through Iam Yoga.

During his teacher training, Cam realized he wanted to share his growing passion for yoga with others, so he decided to pursue teaching. He completed the Iam Yoga teacher training, and in 2014 was invited into the Iam Yoga Mentorship program. Cam went on to teach Karma classes and has now become a regularly featured instructor on the Iam Yoga schedule.

Cam believes that yoga should be accessible for all ages and physical abilities. His classes are challenging and inspiring, with focus on breath and alignment. He strives to help students improve their mind, body and soul.

Seanna McMartin

As someone who has always had a passion for fitness and health, practicing yoga came naturally to Seanna. Seanna completed our 200-hour Iam Yoga Teacher Training program in 2015 and is eager to help others enjoy the many health benefits that yoga has to offer. Yoga has helped her find balance and grow stronger and more flexible on and off the mat – experiences that she hopes to share with all of her future students. Seanna rocks a contagious laugh and smile, and continuously strives to create fun, exciting and challenging classes for yogis of all levels.

Charmaine Pang

Charmaine has been practicing yoga for over a decade and completed her Iam Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, followed by a yin/restorative training and a trauma-sensitive yoga training with David Emerson in 2017. You’re most likely to find her teaching yin, restorative, and meditation classes with good vibes and good music! Through teaching, she hopes to plant a seed of compassion and kindness within her students that can grow and blossom; to foster inner peace and contentment which they can bring off the mat and into the world.
Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu: May all beings everywhere be happy and free!

Haley Wall

Haley moved to Toronto in 2013 to attend OCAD University and has since completed a degree in Fine Art. During the process of settling into Toronto, Haley found a need for a communal base to substitute the one she had in her home town of Ottawa. She found it at Iam Yoga and has been a dedicated member of the community ever since. She attended her first yoga teacher training at Iam in 2016 and has been teaching since 2017.

Knowing the value of being able to fight stress, especially in a metropolis like Toronto, Haley integrates a great deal of breath into posture practice she instructs. Whether this manifests in the form of linking breath to movement, or by working to breathe throughout challenging posses, you are sure to walk away feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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