Why Enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training

Why Enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga Teacher Training, or YTT, is a big investment in terms of both money and time. You may have seen signs around your studio (maybe at Iam) that a teacher training is coming up and considered looking into it. If you’re a busy professional, the thought of committing to something so time-consuming might be intimidating, especially if you don’t have any intention of teaching. But there are many reasons why YTT can be the right choice, and most of them have nothing to do with teaching yoga!

Explore the Nuances of Your Yoga Practice

Learning anatomy and adjustments for students will show you the physical poses, or asanas, in a whole new light. Integrating the subtle anatomical cues into your body as you learn them will change your understanding of the physical practice in a very tangible way. On a deeper level, learning about the philosophical aspects of yoga and beginning to integrate them into your daily practice can transform your approach to both physical asanas and mental meditation practices.

Learn How to Take Care of Yourself Holistically

Part of diving deeper into the world of yoga is an understanding of how to take care of your body physically, mentally, and energetically. A great YTT will expose you to lots of self-care practices like Ayurveda and meditation, which can augment your new understanding of the physical practice so your body can feel better overall.

Get Comfortable with Public Speaking

Developing your skills in speaking to groups of people is beneficial no matter what your day job consists of. When you practice teaching, you are learning to articulate complex instructions, which forces you to organize your thoughts. That skill is transferable to every public speaking context as well as other situations where you need to explain to or lead one or more people.

Meet Amazing People

Taking a YTT means spending a lot of time with other people who are on a similar journey to you. Having that support during this time of exploration and change is immensely helpful and can lead to lifelong friendships.

Learn to Teach

Of course, on top of all the personal development, friendships, and the deepened yoga practice, you will also learn how to teach yoga. Even if you don’t have any desire to teach group yoga classes, many of our graduates have found private clients or taught their (lucky) friends and family what they have learned. You probably know at least one person who would benefit from hearing what you have learned in your YTT, so why not pass it on?

There is no invalid reason for taking Yoga Teacher Training. Whether you plan to teach or would like to study for your own personal development, this training can have a lasting impact on your life.

Interested in the upcoming Iam Yoga Teacher Training? Check out more information here or email elaine[at]iamyoga.ca with your questions.