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Studio Policies

Creating experiences that are built on these values is what we feel sets us apart. Curating these moments for our students is something we are very passionate about.

Our goal is to create a space for as many students as possible in every single class we offer, without overcrowding the class or letting space go to waste unnecessarily. In order to do that for each of you, we have a few guidelines in place:


All spaces are available to book online up to 7 days in advance and pre-registration is required to save a spot in your favourite classes. Pre-registration is available through our website online schedule.


Even when a class appears full, you may, and should, add yourself to the waitlist. When a cancellation is made, the first name on the waitlist gets automatically added to the class, and you receive an automatic email once you get added to the class from the waitlist you become responsible for attending or cancelling.


You can cancel your class online or through our app up to 30 minutes before class start time to avoid losing the class. If you have an unlimited pass, a failure to cancel the class if you don’t attend will result in an inability to reserve classes (you will need to contact the studio to have this permission reset). We do not accept email or phone cancellations. If you have not cancelled your class, you will receive an email the following day to advise you that you have been late cancelled.


Our late cancel policies are based on student feedback to help create a more fluid and relaxing sign-in. If we hold a spot for you and you don’t show up it means that someone else could not get into the class and this is frustrating for people who have made the time to show up.

If you have a class card, the class you missed will be automatically deducted.
If you have an unlimited pass, your permissions to pre-register online will be disabled until you contact us to reset them.

We are sorry, but we cannot make individual exceptions. You have until 30 minutes before class starts to add yourself in or remove yourself based on your schedule, so you can always wait until you know you can definitely make it to save your spot!


If you are not signed in at the desk within 10 minutes before class starts and there are students hoping and waiting for a spot in class, we open the available spots in class to those who are on the waitlist, and your reservation might thus be forfeited. We also start our classes on time and will not accept any late entry to classes.


Our practice rooms are silent, clutter-free spaces. Please leave your conversations in our lounge and your belongings in a locker in one of our spacious change rooms.


You must show a valid Photo ID with each class attended (whether that is on a Groupon or Introductory Month pass). The name on your identification must match your name on the account. This is so we have the chance to get to know you! No extensions or holds. You must not have taken ANY classes at the studio from Jan 1, 2014, to qualify for either of these introductory passes.


For students whose pass includes towel service, we provide up to two towels per visit.


No refunds, holds or extensions on any Class Passes including $189 Monthly Membership and Gift Cards.


We offer an Energy Exchange program which is a great way to save your money, exchange your time for yoga and meet more of your fellow yogis.


The world can be a tough enough place as it is. Treat your fellow yogis with consideration and respect. and if someone looks like they’re new to the studio don’t be afraid to say hi and let them know the lay of the land compassionately remember we were all new to a yoga studio at some point.


IAM YOGA has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on age, gender, sexuality, mental or physical disability, body type, race, religion or political belief. We recognize that people have many reasons for starting to do yoga that ranges from those that are purely physical to emotional or spiritual motivations – We think that every reason is just as good as any other.


“It is not your history but your presence on your mat that matters” – Sri Pattabhi Jois

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