There is no one size fits all at IAM Yoga, but we think you'll fit right in! Find the best plan to support your peace of mind, and invest in your physical, emotional and mental health.

Let us help you find the best fit

How often you practice or intend on practicing will really determine which package is going to be best for you.
We have a few different options below with a breakdown of what each package will include.


Not showing up for a class when a space was reserved for you can result in someone else missing the opportunity to take that class. Our late cancel policies are based on student feedback to help maintain a fair attendance policy for everyone.

If you have ANY of our membership or package options you are liable for the class you register for. There is a $15 penalty charge for late cancel or no show classes are applicable within the allotted 12 hours prior to class. If you have a class package; you will also lose the class you missed and will be charged the $15 no-show fee. If you have an unlimited membership or package there is a strict No Show Fee of $15. You have 12 hours before class starts to remove yourself. If you are unsure of your ability to attend a class DO NOT pre-register.


First of all; Welcome and Thank You for considering us. We can’t wait to meet you!
Our Intro Package is only offered in the studio for Brand NEW students (purchase on your first visit).
This is the best way to try IAM Yoga or yoga for the very first time.

With access to Unlimited Classes for 14 days; You will have an opportunity to see what you like about our instructors,
how you feel in our classes, and see where your schedule works with ours!

We ALWAYS suggest starting with this option – it pays for itself in only two visits! Fill out the New Student Waiver prior to arrival.


Have you visited IAM Yoga in the past but it’s been a long time and you want to come to see what’s going on these days?
No problem! We have an amazing Welcome Back! Offer for anyone who has visited us prior to March 2020.
call in or visit us at the studio to sign up! It’s 14 Days Unlimited for $100 

These packages are ideal for anyone who already has a consistent yoga practice or is looking to increase their practice.
All of these packages include amazing savings and give you access to all of our classes. We are all about making yoga accessible
and convenient.
Our schedule has All Levels & Intermediate Classes in both the Hot & Non-Heated Classrooms.

Most Popular!
  • Unlimited Monthly Renewal

  • $ 159

    / monthly
  • 6-Month Commitment to Monthly Renewal

    mat storage & towel service included

    This is a winner hand down. If you are taking a class at least five times a month, you have already paid for this membership! 

    Additional Perks
    Bring 5 Friends in a year
    Discounts towards in-studio Workshops
    3 – 8 weeks Membership Holds (2x in 6 months)

  • 20 Class Package

  • $ 450

    / one time
  • No Commitment, Expires in 6 Months

    20 Classes for the price of 15 is an amazing deal and commitment-free! If you do yoga once a week you’ll finish the package in 6 months; that’s 20 classes in 180 days! More frequent visits mean you’ll 100% finish this package before it expires.

    20 Classes $450 ($22.50 per class, $130 off)

  • 3 Months Unlimited

  • $ 650

    / one time
  • Unlimited Without Commitment

    mat & towel rental included

    This a great package for folks who are won’t be in Toronto long-term, do not want to commit long-term or are just looking for something temporary; whatever your reason these packages pay for themselves quickly! The 3 Month package pays for itself in only 22 visits.

    3 Months Unlimited – $650

Whether you’re passing through Toronto, practice yoga as a compliment to your other athletic activities, or you just aren’t into commitments.
The following packages are an amazing investment in your health.

Each package is designed to save you money and doesn’t have any commitments involved. Read more to see which one is the best fit for you!

  • 5 & 10 Class Package

  • $ 140+

    / one time
  • No Commitment 6 Months Expiry

    Busy schedule? No problem! You have half a year to complete 5 or 10 classes! Amazing for frequent travelers, visitors, or someone doing yoga once in a while!

    10 Classes – $250 ($40 off)

    5 Classes – $140 ($5 off)

  • Express Class Package

  • $ 200+

    / one time
  • No Commitment 3 Months Expiry

    Help keep yourself accountable with these quick expiring packages. This is an amazing way to put your new habits to the test! If you don’t finish them you can pay the difference to upgrade them to expire in 6 months.

    10 Classes Express -$200 ($20 per class)

    20 Classes Express -$370 ($18.50 per class)

  • 1 Month Unlimited

  • $ 250

    / one time
  • Unlimited Without Commitment

    This package pays for itself in 9 visits! A great choice after our Introductory Package when you’re still figuring things out OR if you’ll only be in Toronto for a limited amount of time.

    1 Month Unlimited – $250

These are our current student’s favourite pricing options but we have many more to choose from in our online store.

Looking for more? Check out all our packages here


Single Class

mat & towel rental included


Mat Rental $2
1 Month Mat Rental $15
1 Month Mat Storage $25
1 Year Mat Storage $125

Towel Rental $2
1 Month Towel Rental $20