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Are you ready for the Iam Yoga Teacher Training experience?

Are you looking to gain confidence, learn more about your body and brain, and transform your yoga or fitness practice? If the answer is yes, the Iam Yoga Teacher Training program is for you. With a world-class faculty and an in-depth syllabus, we have created a program that will get you ready to teach creative, transformative yoga classes.

Our training is led by professionals from the worlds of yoga, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and mindfulness. If your industry is influenced by a focus on health and wellness, this training will give you the grounding to speak with confidence on a range of wellness topics.

Our YTT can prepare you for work in a yoga studio, corporate health and wellness, athletic retail, or traditional fitness.
Our amazing faculty ties all of the training aspects to real life, and committing to this training will reduce your risk of injury and enhance your mental and physical awareness.

From Teacher Training to owning your own health based business! Opening your own yoga studio is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have – you’re not only running your own business, but you’re running a business that is focused on making your customers healthier, your community more vibrant and the world a better place!

Why participate in the Iam Yoga Teacher Training experience?

  • A world-class faculty with diverse backgrounds
  • Unparalleled post-training support
  • A 6-month unlimited practice pass at Iam Yoga
  • 75% of our past graduates are working as yoga teachers
  • Improve your public speaking skills
  • Grow your confidence
  • Prevent injuries
  • Get involved in your community
  • Be prepared to work in multiple industries
  • Be a part of the warm and inclusive Iam Yoga community

Don’t want to teach? This training will help you dive into your own practice so you can explore your own edge and connect with your body in the most meaningful way as you learn about yourself and your role in the larger community.


What makes the Iam Yoga Teacher Training experience different?

World-Class Faculty

Our passionate and experienced faculty members are actively teaching in the Toronto yoga community and draw on diverse yoga traditions and backgrounds.

Unparalleled Support

Our passionate and experienced faculty members are actively teaching in the Toronto yoga community and draw on diverse yoga traditions and backgrounds.

Cross-Disciplinary Focus

Our passionate and experienced faculty members are actively teaching in the Toronto yoga community and draw on diverse yoga traditions and backgrounds.

+ - Exceptional Cross-Disciplinary Focus

Our training is certified as a 200-hour training with the Yoga Alliance, but we actually offer over 250 hours in total so you get exposure to the most important ideas that will inform and inspire your practice or teaching.

The Iam Yoga Teacher Training experience includes both open and exclusive modules. Highlights include:

Philosophy; The Science of Ayurveda; Anatomy and Physiology; Pranayama; Breath, Nutrition, and the Nervous System; Chakras; Psychology of Teaching; Yoga and Mental Health; Buddhism and Mindfulness; The History of Asana; Meditation; Alignment and Sequencing; Adjustments; Arm Balancing and Advanced Postures; Yoga Business and Branding; Pre-Natal Yoga; The Art of Teaching Yoga

+ - Unparalleled Post-Training Support

Exclusively to the Iam Yoga Teacher Training experience is 4-6 months of support after the lecture component of the training is completed. After the lectures are complete, you can choose one of two tracks: Mentorship or Self Study.

+ - World-Class Faculty

Our passionate and experienced faculty members are actively teaching in the Toronto yoga community and draw on diverse yoga traditions and backgrounds. Teachers not only lead lectures and classes, but also help guide trainees through practice teaching, sequencing, and adjusting so all of the theory becomes relevant and applicable knowledge. Our faculty draws from not only their extensive yoga training and experience, but they also have in-depth training and education in Pilates, Personal Training, Neuroscience, Ayurveda, Psychology, Mindfulness, Communications, Business, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Martial Arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ - When are the training sessions?

Our Upcoming Teacher Training Dates:

Oct 1st 2017-Mar 31st 2018
Apr 25th 2018 – Sept 25 2018

The Oct 1st yoga teacher training will be held on Thursdays 6-9pm and Saturdays 9-4pm. We alternate weekends so that students can still use their weekends to fit with their personal work or school schedule.

+ - Where are the sessions being held?

All sessions will be held at Iam Yoga (200 Wellington St West.) If alternate locations are required (i.e.; Special Training Events & Field Trips) , you will be notified by email well in advance of the session.

+ - What happens if I miss a session?

Talk to the teacher of that specific session ahead of time if you can. Depending on the material, you may need to make up time one-on- one with the teacher; they may also allow you to catch up by reading and/or getting notes from someone else, and submitting a summary of the content that was missed.

+ - Is Iam Yoga registered with the Yoga Alliance?

Iam Yoga is a registered school with the North American organization and the Yoga Alliance. This training far exceeds the requirements for a 200-hour teacher training.

+ - What is required to graduate from the program?

In order to obtain your certification, you need to attend all the lectures, complete all the assignments, and pass all of the quizzes and tests. There is also a separate practice component: you are required to attend 30 classes at Iam Yoga within the duration of the training. You will also complete one of the following three programs: Mentorship or Self-Study or Management/Ownership.
Each program comprises 30 hours of your required training.

+ - Do I have to have an advanced practice to participate in the training?

Our training is accessible for all levels- we will be covering all content from beginner level to advanced. There is no level requirement, however a minimum of 1-2 years prior practice is recommended.

+ - Will I be able to practice at Iam Yoga during the training ?

You will be provided with an unlimited class pass during the duration of the training- we encourage you to take as many classes as you would like! We require a minimum of 30 classes for the completion of the certification.

+ - How do I register for the Iam Yoga Teacher Training Program?

You can find an application on our website, or click the link below. Fill out the application and you can either email it to Elaine at elaine[at] , or you can drop it off at the studio in person, or you can mail it to our Yonge and Bloor location: 680 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1A6

+ - How much is the training?

Tuition for training is $3900 + HST, This includes all of your lectures and workshops, Teacher Training Manual, and unlimited class pass to both of our Iam Yoga locations. Textbooks and other required readings are not included in your tuition.

+ - Who can I contact with questions?

Email specific faculty members with content questions; anything else, email Elaine at elaine[at] with any questions.

Ready to get Started?

Let’s get the ball rolling! If you have specific questions use this form to send them to us. If you would like an application let us know and we will make sure to include that as well!

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