Have you ever thought about opening your own yoga studio?

If you are looking to:

  • Create the ideal work-life balance,
  • Focus on exercise and health,
  • Mesh your job and lifestyle,
  • Build your community, and
  • Make a difference in others’ lives,

Then opening a yoga studio might be for you! Opening your own yoga studio is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have – you’re not only running your own business, but you’re running a business that is focused on making your customers healthier, your community more vibrant and the world a better place!

Iam Yoga started out as a small local community studio that was focused on changing the world one mat at a time. Now, we’re taking the guesswork out of opening a new studio.

Opening your own small business can be challenging the first time around – that’s why what we offer is so valuable! Our team has over a decade of experience managing multiple large Toronto yoga studios and we can help you to navigate all the pitfalls that independent studio owners can fall prey to the first time.

With our expert advice, you will build a proper strategy from the start!

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What we offer to prospective Studio Owners is a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help ensure you create a successful and inspiring small business; you will be your own boss and make a positive change in your community in the most innovative and rewarding way.

First-time studio owners often fall prey to the same old mistakes. Our experience and mentorship will ensure that your business is set up for success from the very beginning. Before you even open up your doors, you’ll be using a tried-and-true system that has made Iam Yoga a beloved studio to thousands of students.

Instead of feeling your way through the dark, let us help you create the business of your dreams! There is no better way to connect authentically with people in your community than having them work, practice, and transform within a space that is positive and welcoming.

We offer a full turnkey studio service that is unlike anyone else. We believe that, as a new business owner, you should be fully supported in growing your student base and creating a successful yoga space. The support we offer goes far beyond the typical philosophy of just allowing access to our brand and logos! The services we offer to new Studio Owners include:

Location Selection

We will help you identify ideal regions and specific spaces for your new studio space. We also complete all of the pre-investigation and will shortlist the best spaces for you so you do not have to confront an overwhelming list of requirements without guidance. Our extensive network will be an asset for helping you find the best spaces at the best prices.


We have years of experience in managing landlord relationships and creating new studio spaces. We can help negotiate leaseholder improvements and help obtain months of free rent to save you money on opening. We have the leverage and experience to save you significant time and money as well as to help you get the best rental terms.

Partner Financing

We can help connect you with our network of partners to assist in obtaining the financing you need to complete initial renovations and support you through the first year. Our connections can help you get the best rates and the best terms.

Business Planning

When you start a business, knowing what to expect can be a challenge. We can help with expert financial forecasting and business planning, which will help you with financing and loans. With our advice, you’ll be well prepared to grow a successful business!

Operational Support

We will help you set up the right policies and procedures to prepare you for every eventuality. You will have solid day-to-day processes and manuals that will set you up to have engaged and enthusiastic students and staff from day one!


Running a business means handling many moving parts, and our experience can help the process run much more smoothly. We’ll help train you and your management team so you will have the ability to handle staff, clients and teachers in the most effective way.

Studio Buildout

We have the leverage and experience to help you access an established construction team that will work on time and on budget to create the best studio space in the area. We know how to save you money and how to capitalize on the strengths of individual spaces and budgets.

Human Resources

A solid and engaged team starts with clear job descriptions and well-understood duties and responsibilities. We will help you with hiring and onboarding a strong team to ensure that your studio runs smoothly.

Online Store Design

We will make sure you are set up for students to register and pay online for classes and workshops. When you create the easiest and most convenient experience, it paves the way for a positive interaction from beginning to end.

Support 7 Days a week

We are here for you! Our goal is to help you succeed and grow in your community. We will be available at all times to ensure that your questions are answered and you feel supported every step of the way.

Schedule Design

Scheduling classes, teachers, reception staff, management, and cleaners can be one of the biggest challenges in running a brand-new studio. We’ll help create the best schedule to maximize your dollars and ensure every student has an amazing experience in your studio space.

Corporate Advertising

Once you become part of the Iam Yoga family, your space will be a part of all of Iam Yoga’s advertising, permanently. That means that your marketing dollars will be maximized and you can draw on our extensive experience with marketing and sales to bring more students in the door of your space.

Teaching Staff

We will help set you up with an exceptional group of teachers to make sure your students come back again and again. If the right skill set is not locally available, we can help train senior teaching staff by putting them through our exceptional and established teacher training program

Branding & Marketing

Iam Yoga is a strong, well-known brand in the GTA, and you will have access to our entire library of logos, copyrighted images, social media content, and marketing plans to get the word out about your new studio.

E-Media Advertising

We will provide you with templates and access to our extensive network of contacts to help you build your business online in the most effective and dynamic way! Our social media specialists will also feature your space in our own marketing materials.

Learn More

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