People take a Yoga Teacher Training Program for a lot of different reasons. It will deepen your own practice, it will enhance your own life skills and it will give you the foundation to begin to share and teach yoga to other people. Our Mentorship Program takes all the knowledge you have learned and puts it into practice. It will take your teaching the next level.

We will be pair you with a senior teacher at Iam Yoga who will coach you over a period of 4 months. At the end of this process, you will have the opportunity to teach classes to the wider Iam community.

The mentorship program involves choosing a one-on-one mentor who fits your personal practice style; you will attend and audit classes taught by your mentor and then you will assist with in-class adjustments to learn how different bodies move in a class setting. The final portion of the mentorship program will involve practice teaching with and without your mentor present. The goal of the mentorship program is to develop your teaching skills to the point where you can teach on a studio schedule. This program involves a serious commitment to both the time frame and to working on your own skills after discussion with your mentor.

We at Iam Yoga have put a lot of time and energy into this program. We have seen it grow over the years into a really strong program that helps new teachers hone their skills and broaden our Iam teaching community.


  • Full completion of a 200 hour YTT training.
  • A demonstrated keen interest in teaching at Iam Yoga.
  • A letter of reference from the 200 hour YTT Program you completed if it wasn’t at Iam Yoga.
  • You have taken at least 20 classes at Iam Yoga.


$400 for Iam Yoga YTT Graduates

$750 for Graduates of another 200-250 hour training

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Ready to get Started?

Let’s get the ball rolling! If you have specific questions use this form to send them to us. If you would like an application let us know and we will make sure to include that as well!